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Welcome to the Champlain Bridge corridor interactive platform, by The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI).

The objective of this site is to present and explain the work that is being executed on the Champlain Bridge corridor. This platform explains and announces upcoming obstructions in the sector to help minimize the impact on road users, in a spirit of complete transparency.

Moreover, this platform is intended to allow the public to express themselves about our projects. Whether it is to ask a question, make an observation or simply comment on one of our posts, your opinion is important to us.

Content of the window

In addition to announcing obstructions, this website is meant to allow you to discover this major transportation artery in Montreal’s road network.

The following sections will help you better understand our projects:

Please note that messages will be posted on our home page regularly to announce news, allow you to follow the work in progress and to know more on the future of these very important structures. You are welcome to comment on these blog posts.

Each and every blog post will be archived by category. You can visit these CATEGORIES to read all posts associated. You can also view our ARCHIVES, to review the posts by month of publication.

Editing of comments

We reserve the right to edit posts received from the public, and the right to cut comments we judge to be too long or those that are not directly linked to our projects.

We also reserve the right to censor comments that use inappropriate or offensive language. Ellipsis (…) will be used to indicate a cut or censured passage,

Work updates

Three options are available, if you wish to receive road-work updates in real time.


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Twitter offers numerous advantages for following your friends and contacts in real time. By adding the Champlain Mercier (@PontMercier) to your contact list, you can know all there is to know on the progress of our projects.

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If you’re not familiar with RSS feeds or Twitter, the Newsletter is the best option for you. All you need is an email address to automatically receive the latest blog posts. It’s a simple and effective way to be among the first informed.

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